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Lower Your Plan Costs

Can you Lower Your Costs?
1. The average U.S. employee healthcare cost is $6,600/year (not including deductibles & copays - Kaiser Family Foundation 2018)
2. Some companies have annual per-employee costs of $2200 (1/3 of yours). If you are spending $10MM you could save $6.5MM annually.
3. Developed nations (Europe and Asia) spend 40% as much on healthcare compared to the U.S. yet live longer than Americans.
The Right formula...
  • Focus on the highest risk / highest cost / Highest ROI group
  • Offer a root-cause based program that yields sustainable results
See our case studies page 
Take us for a Test Drive!
(Cost $250 for your entire population) 
Step 1. Offer our  "Risk at a Glance" survey to all your plan participants
Step 2. Get a detailed risk analysis snapshot (See image)
Step 3. Review the ROI opportunity (See example saving opportunity)
Step 4. Consider going LIVE with HRP in your company.
Step 4a. See your:
  • Healthcare costs plummet
  • Employee satisfaction  & length of employment increase
  • Absenteeism and presenteeism go down
  • Productivity go up
Chronic Risk Assessment Ranges.png
HRP Saving Opportunity.png

Cost Savings through Health Revival

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