The markers in these COVID panels are those used at Harvard Medical School / Mass General Hospital to risk-stratify people who are in the hospital with severe COVID disease.
  • To see the Harvard treatment guidance and risk stratification markers, click HERE.
  • The Detailed Risk Analysis Panel is comprehensive and includes most of the markers used at Harvard.
  • Order a consult for an in-depth explanation of the markers and your risk.
    • Consult will include initial suggestions on how to reduce your risk.​
 Read our paper that explains why these test are the most beneficial for you - the individual.
  • Your results, even if you feel well, will provide a STRONG indication of the severity of COVID-19 if you are exposed to the virus.
  • These markers are very predictive of your chronic state of health.
  • Your "chronic state of health" is the best measure of your "pre-existing" condition burden
Link to paper: 

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