COVID-19 Supplies

Order your supplies here, subject to availability, or indicate your interest for supplies as they become available or approved for use.

Rapid At-Home

Test Kit


Pending Availability & Approval

Pre-Orders Being Taken

Home Sample / Lab

Test Kit


Obtain oral or nasal swab with kit & send to lab for accurate PCR test


Safety Supplies

mask image.png

Masks, gowns, gloves and other personal protective supplies available

  • COVID-19 finger prick

  • IgG / IgM specific antibody test

  • FDA for research use only

  • CE certified

  • Results in 10 minutes

  • Quantity - minimum 100 units

  • ?? tests in each unit

  • $50 for each unit

  • Availability: U.S. Pending

  • Availability: Intl. Immediate

  • Delivery: 2 weeks upon payment

  • Pre-orders without payment taken first come first serve