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Welcome Dr. Pawluk Followers.

A famous cardiologist, Thomas Levy, M.D. J.D. stated:

"Doctors in the know understand that electron donors heal and electron robbers lead to disease."

PEMF is an electron donating system - thus this system promotes healing. The role of PEMF therapy is to help to heal the causes of the electron stealing, especially when caused inflammation and infection.

Electron Stealers

  • Inflammation

  • Iinfections

  • Food sensitivities

  • Toxins

  • Trauma

  • Micronutrient deficiencies

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 2.49.58 PM.png

Testing and Treatment

  • Risk assessment

  • Biomarker panel

  • Inflammation

  • Immune health

  • pathogens / toxins

  • Low nutrient status

Get tested to find out the root causes behind why you sought out PEMF as a solution.

This program provides the following:

  1. Detailed risk assessment. Our team published the correlation between risks and biomarkers in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Click here to see the publication.

  2. Comprehensive biomarker panel. This 57 biomarker panel dives deep to discover even the most subtle changes that may be impacting your health.

  3. Professional consult. In this 1 hour session, Dr. Lewis will explain your results. It is not about a single biomarker or risk. It IS about the story of your health. You will be provided with a detailed action plan to correct any problems or issues noted.

  4. Health coaching. You we get 2 sessions with a health coach. The main intent is to help you organize and implement the recommendations provided in the consult and answer any questions that arise after the consult.

Why go through this program if you are doing PEMF therapy?

PEMF therapy depends on your body's capacity to heal itself and support, enhance, and promote healing. Additionally, PEMFs help nutrient absorption, metabolism, and facilitates cellular nutrient uptake and elimination of toxins and waste products. Therefore, optimizing your internal "terrain" is an important complement to PEMF.

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