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Pharmacy Reduction Program

Pharmacy spending is, on average, at least 15% of your healthcare budget. However, the actual costs are much higher. These are "opportunity costs."
Medication opportunity cost defined: Pharmaceutical drugs for chronic diseases manage symptoms but do not solve the underlying root problem. Thus this stop-gap solution costs your organization in several ways:
  • The cost of the drug itself - year over year
  • The cost of the condition that is being managed but not solved. The drug may reduce some of these costs, but a medicated person still has higher costs compared to a person free from disease
  • The cost of additional drugs and conditions that are caused by the primary medication
HRP offers a unique program that removes people from costly drugs by reversing the root-cause(s) of their condition(s). Once removed from the drug, the savings is realized for as long as the person is on that benefit.
How the program works:
  • HRP reviews pharmaceutical use and spending, interviews prescribing providers and delivers a comprehensive drug reduction and elimination program
  • The entire population or a sub-set of those on medications are provide a brief survey to determine their attitudes toward their medications including efficacy, side-effects, and costs
  • HRP and your organization develop a list of candidates to participate in the program
  • HRP and your organization implement a recruitment program
  • HRP begins a medication reduction effort on those recruited
  • HRP guarantees cost saving in year 2 is equal to the program cost of the difference is refunded
  • HRP also offers various drug cost reduction programs for those who are truly dependent upon their medications
What this program does for individuals and your population:
  • Improves the overall health of the participant
  • Provides education on the disease(s) being corrected or reversed
  • Provides education on possible side effects caused by the medication - both long term and short
  • Leads to significant reduction in out-of-pocket and overall healthcare costs
  • Avoids potential for severe medical errors
The Guarantee:
  • The program will pay for itself in year 2 savings
  • You will continue to realize savings for years - with just occasional checkins with the participant at a significantly reduced "maintenance" rate.

Your Population

In a random survey of 6200 people who joined our program, an astonishing 89% were motivated to be off their current pharmaceutical drugs.
Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 5.57.26 PM.png
Case Study - Health Revival and Medication Elimination Program
Results from a group of 85 Indiana employees including factory and office workers and spouses.
Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 5.36.41 PM.png
Contact Health Revival Partners to provide a
win - win
benefit for your employees and plan beneficiaries.
This program provides a service that 90% of your population wants.
It saves your organization hard dollars.
It attracts the plan participants that cost the most annually.
It improves the health of those who participate.
Call our team at 202.630.3221 to learn more.
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