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26 Ways You Stay Hungry: #5

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

5. Cholesterol Drugs - Statins

Too lose fat and weight you must burn fat. Your stored calories (fat) doesn't just vaporize - you burn it.

Most of us Americans are very inefficient at burning fat - but is burning efficiency the only issue?

Can you explain the following based on all you have been told about "cholesterol?"

From the Livestrong website: "While weight loss is an effective tool at lowering cholesterol, it may temporarily raise cholesterol, although this effect is not permanent."

The Truth: Most of what is stated about cholesterol in the Livestrong article is completely wrong. They are just regurgitating 50 year dogma, and that dogma has led America to have the highest healthcare costs - by far - and one of the shortest lifespans of the 36 most developed nations on the planet (source OECD). A bad deal!

LDL and HDL are "lipoproteins." Translation: LDL and HDL are taxi cabs that shuttle fats and fat soluble substances - critical ones - through our water-based blood stream. Oil and water doesn't mix so, for our tissues to get fats, our bodies have this beautiful transport mechanism. You can look upon HDL and LDL as soap that moves the "grease" (fats). However the "grease" (fats), LDL and HDL moving through out bodies are essential to life - we use them! This grease includes:

Vitamin A. Vitamin D, Vitamins K, Vitamin E, EPA and DHA - the brain healthy omega-3 fatty acids (and heart healthy too), Cholesterol, other fats, and....

Triglycerides (moved for either fat storage or fat consumption)


Summary: You cannot burn fat (and lose weight) if you don't have LDL to transport fat - in this case triglycerides - to the cells capable of burning them.


The Proof: Hundreds of research papers and articles indicating that lowering cholesterol with statin (and other "cholesterol") drugs cause diabetes.

How do these "bad" drugs cause diabetes? See the mechanism above. It's really quite simple. If you are at the airport waiting for a taxi, but it does come - you don't get home. This is what happens with the burning of fats. If the fats cannot be "taxied" to cells - in LDL - they cannot be burned.

Diabetes is a human-made term for severe insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the medically correct name for diabetes. Most of us have some degree of insulin resistance but are not yet diabetic - it's a sliding scale (a continuum).