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Cholesterol 3.0

I finally found someone who explains LDL, lipoproteins, and cholesterol extraordinarily well. We are in complete agreement. This is a case where his presentation is more technical compared to mine but EVERYONE should watch this video (link below).

Why another session on cholesterol? Because I continue to have people express concerns about their "numbers."

You may know that at HRP, we have created a scale for normal / optimal lab values based on early mortality data. Whereas, the standard-of-care (SOC), that is, your regular doctor, uses population information. When you compare our normal / optimal values to the SOC values, our values are much much narrower.

There is one exception - lipids - in particular LDL and total cholesterol. In this case, our normal / optimal values do not even overlap - they are completely different.

I wrote to Dr. Nadir Ali who is the presenter in the video below. This is what I wrote to him. He is only missing one piece but he clearly understands it. That is, LDL and HDL are soaps - exactly the same chemical structure as cleaning soap.


I am watching your low carb down under videos from 2019 and 2020. Well done.

I produced videos years ago explaining how $1 trillion has been spent demonizing soap. You are saying the same thing and very elegantly, I might add. My whole program is about identifying and treating chronic infections.

Here are a couple of slides from my presentations on cholesterol showing how LDL and HDL (lipoproteins) are nothing more than soap.

Notice how the definition of LDL (and HDL) and SOAP (yes, dish detergent) are identical!

The number of "hits" = zero!


Dr. Ali states that cholesterol is an antibiotic. This is true but clearly not well appreciated. Here is a paper, marked up by my mentor, Dr. Trempe, that explains the antibiotic action of cholesterol.


Please watch Dr. Ali's video....

Here is a link to my videos on LDL and cholesterol:


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