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Coronavirus: Dramatic Solution to Reducing Your Likelihood of Dying

Italy reports the following from a sample of 355 people who died of COVID-19. At the time of this study, it represented 18% of all deaths in Italy from the disease.:

The following is from the Journal of the American Medical Association publication - url provided under the image.

A subsample of 355 patients with COVID-19 who died in Italy underwent

  • detailed chart review. Among these patients,

  • the mean age was 79.5 years (SD, 8.1) and 601

  • (30.0%) were women. In this sample,

  • 117 patients (30%) had ischemic heart disease,

  • 126 (35.5%) had diabetes,

  • 72 (20.3%) had active cancer,

  • 87 (24.5%) had atrial fibrillation,

  • 24 (6.8%) had dementia, and

  • 34 (9.6%) had a history of stroke.

  • The mean number of preexisting diseases was 2.7 (SD, 1.6).

  • Overall, only 3 patients (0.8%) had no diseases,

  • 89 (25.1%) had a single disease,

  • 91 (25.6%) had 2 diseases, and

  • 172 (48.5%) had 3 or more underlying diseases.

The presence of these co-morbidities might have increased the risk of mortality independent of COVID-19 infection.

Get healthy, stay alive!


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Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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