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Digestion - Simple Problem - No Simple Solution

Dr. Carter and I have MANY people in our program who have gut distress. This talk from a team at Stanford provides information on your gut microbiome that you need to hear and heed. One of the most important suggestions - Don't be afraid of "dirt."


This weeks topic: Alzheimer's and Infection - Part 2

Look below to find the times and links to our weekly webinars....

What is the Chronic Disease Support program?

1. It is a weekly live, interactive, 1h, webinar on Zoom covering important health-related topics.

2. The schedule is Mondays at 12 noon EST and Tuesday at 8 pm EST. The topic is the same at both times/dates. We offer 2 times per week to accommodate schedules.

Monday Zoom link (noon EST):

Tuesday Zoom link (8pm EST):

copy and paste to your browser at the designed time to join.


Stay Well

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