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Dr. Ardis on New Weight Loss Drugs


  • Most drugs are derived from nature.

  • Why not stick with nature?

  • Ozempic and related drugs are neurotoxins that shut down nervous system response

  • People on these drugs are experiencing SEVERE gut-related issues (but are in denial of the relationship because they are desperate to lose weight)

  • Vioxx killed an estimated 500,000 people AFTER it was approved as "safe and effective."

  • Is Ozempic the next drug to be withdrawn after too much damage has been done?


or click on the image below (the link above works best on phones)

Here are slides from a recent presentation made to Ozempic users.

As healthcare spending goes UP - life expectancy goes DOWN. "Medical" drugs (pharmaceuticals) are a major cost driver.

Vioxx was approved as safe and effective and was on the market (killing people) for 5 years before it was withdrawn.

Sagely doctors take a "wait and see" attitude wrt new drugs because they know clinical trials are inadequate at elucidating true safety issues.

Do you or your loved ones want to be a guinea pig AGAIN?

My older brother, who will not take my advice, is on one of the new weight loss drugs. His blood pressure decreased from 140 to 110, and his heart rate from 75 to 46.

Is this natural for a 75-year-old who is unhealthy and obese? Is it possible for a drug to turn an old, fat, out-of-shape human into an Olympic athlete in 2 weeks?

Buyer beware!


Jodi just conveyed a story of a 19-year-old female prescribed Ozempic by her dermatologist father. Soon, she lost her gallbladder. They are in denial of any relationship.

Did you listen to Dr. Ardis? Do you see the correlation?


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What is recommended for detox for people who’ve started or have been on these injectables? Any recommendations?

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