Drug Side Effects - Part 1

Did you know that drug companies (pharmaceutical companies) report the harm of their drugs in ABSOLUTE statistics and the benefits in RELATIVE statistics.

In the video below, Dr. Carter and I discuss some of the more common drugs and their side effects.

In this episode, we explain how synthetic drugs came to be part of the treatment culture in the U.S. and beyond. We show that the more we spend on healthcare, the shorter our lives. This simple statistic - alone - demonstrates that these drugs - particularly the expensive ones - are NOT solving your health problems. It all started with the Flexner report, commissioned by the Rockefellers - the oil tycoons. Guess what is used to create our modern drugs?!

Also, patent law disallowed protection of natural substances, so we are stuck with synthetic pharmaceutical.

Most drugs are like an air mattress on water. When you push one end under water, the other ends pops up. That represented the side effects.

Here is a link to the video.