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Feds Controlling Us - Part 2

I am sending the link to this important video again. This is important because it will help you understand the decisions made by loved ones that do not make sense, at least on the surface.

Here are comments on the video made by our favorite psychiatrist.

Martha Stark, MD

Lecturer on Psychiatry (part-time),

Harvard Medical School

My passion is helping people get healthy in mind and body –

my vision is simple but ambitious.

Established for the benefit of healthcare professionals and health-conscious laypersons, SynergyMed for MindBodyHealth is a trailblazing organization dedicated to offering – all at no or nominal charge – an exciting array of state-of-the-art educational programs designed to ignite public awareness about the ever-evolving field of MindBodyMedicine.

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Her comments:

Oh my God!!

This breathtakingly articulate and savvy Australian psychologist – Dr. Ros Nealon-Cook – is absolutely amazing. So exquisitely and elegantly well-spoken. And such integrity.

Her story is incredible. It is horrifying that she would have lost her license to practice because she spoke up.

But what a fabulous interview.

And, yes, the spot-on reference to Stanley Milgram's "infamous obedience experiments," in which most people demonstrated that they were willing to do just about anything when instructed to do so by a respected authority figure.

And, yes, unbelievably powerful psychological manipulation – "advertising marketing" – manipulation by MBA-educated people to make profit for Big Pharma and big organizations.

I loved what Ros was saying about "highly sensitive people" – "canaries in a coal mine" – under the right (safe) circumstances, they can soar, but under the wrong (unsafe) circumstances, they will crash.

And, yes, an incredibly poignant moment when Dr. Campbell admits that he too (despite what he had been teaching for 30 years about "herd mentality") had himself fallen prey to the propaganda being propagated by Big Pharma and the government.

...the "psychopathy" of so many big organizations. Ros's point that "systems create the bad actors" so it is not enough to remove the "bad actors." The systems themselves need to change.

I am "attaching" a PowerPoint Slide that I had included in a recent presentation about Donella H. Meadows' (MIT) "leverage points" – "places within complex adaptive (chaotic) systems) where a small change in one thing can produce big changes in everything" – also known as The Butterfly Effect of Chaos (Complex Adaptive Systems) Theory.

And I loved Ros's reference to the concept of "double-bind situations" (about which Gregory Bateson was writing long ago) – yes, the idea that when there are two totally divergent perspectives ("either/or" and not "both/and") – how to reconcile them?

Bateson appropriately highlights that the only "way out" of "double-bind situations" will be for the "mind-boggling dilemma" to be talked about – such that "thesis" and "antithesis" (two dialectically opposed stances) can be "adaptively integrated" to create a "synthesis" (Hegelian dialectic).

Yes, the critical importance of widespread psychological education... – although the difficulty so many people admit that they have been wrong...

Tom – This was a PHENOMENAL INTERVIEW – both John and Ros were INCREDIBLE!! This is a MUST-SEE for all!!

Key Concept: "Where a small change in one thing can produce big changes in everything!"

I then asked her if she thought that SSRIs and other mood drugs could predispose people to manipulation. Here is what she said.

Your good question to me: Do you think the mood-altering drugs so many of our youth are on predispose them to become “highly sensitive people?”

I think that, unfortunately, "highly sensitive people" might well be more inclined to turn to mood-altering drugs in a desperate attempt to help them "deal" with "the stress of life" because they are living their lives at such a "fraught" level of "emotional intensity."

I am not sure, however, that mood-altering drugs per se are responsible for making people "highly sensitive."

Parenthetically, "highly sensitive people" are now often "classified" as "neurodivergent" because their brains, for whatever complex mix of reasons, would appear to process information in ways that are "not typical."


Ros Nealon-Cook, a psychologist from Australia, had her license suspended for sounding the alarm about the harm to children from government pandemic policy. Ros has joined forces with several health professionals who were similarly censored and silenced worldwide.

Together, they have created The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration to raise awareness about the widespread propaganda and censorship of expert scientific opinion. You can read and sign the declaration here: – adding your signature will take less than a minute.

I encourage everyone to watch this video. It may empathize with friends and family who bought into and remain convinced by governmental narratives.

If you watch until near the end, Dr. Campbell admits to submitting to the narrative. It was a particularly poignant moment when he described how he had written a textbook explaining herd immunity and taught the concepts widely. He beat himself out for knowing the truth while still buying the propaganda about vaccines, and the jab in particular.


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A depressing but great video showing it doesn't matter how much damage there was. The narrative was written beforehand and nobody is allowed to go against it. Period. It does not matter what science says. What matters is forcing people to agree with the narrative so they can be controlled like guinea pigs. The government is a dictatorship. Abide by it or be penalized. Who cares how many people are in harm's way, they will adapt. No wonder so many people are on drugs. No wonder the border wall is left wide open. More money, more evil, and more deaths. Win-win for the government. Yeah. Should we celebrate or collect our get-out-of-jail card? Or should we wait until November whe…

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