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Feds What Are They Hiding - Senator Johnson

We must now realize this is the wrong question. Shouldn't it be...

Feds - What are they NOT hiding?

Must watch meeting


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Dr Haze ‘s findings on BIFIDOBACTERIA were very interesting. Lack of correlating to Covid severity- and the Vax itself, killing the Bifido…double whammy!

Respondendo a

Correction-Dr Hazen


Rumble is being monitored!!! I posted Senator Ron Johnson's whistleblower's email address and within minutes, it was extracted. What happened to freedom of speech?


Thank you for sharing. Popular faces in that room. Some of them are almost like friends whom I have been following for years. Thanks to Senator Ron Johnson for bringing everyone together. He wants people to contact him using the following email address.

He says, if you are seeing something that needs to be exposed and you want to tell the truth, please contact him. Ron says we need more patriots to understand the threat we are under.

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