Genesis of Health Parts 1&2

Here is the video from the Chronic Disease Support program. (Note, the original had poor sound quality so this is a re-recording)

In this video I discuss the first and MOST IMPORTANT disease prevention mechanism that keeps you healthy - repair and recovery. Food is much more about nutrients than calories. We all have spare calories stored in our body as fat. However, nutrients are the most important thing we take in through of foods.

Case Study: We were referred an individual who was reported to have dementia. He could not respond to the most simple interactions with his family members. And, he had a white blood cell count of 1,000,000. Most of us have a white blood cell count of around 4,500. Upon researching levels of white blood cells of 1,000,000 I discovered that people with these levels die quickly, in less than a few month.

Despite the grim statistics, the family wanted to do what they could for their father and husband. We suggested he be given a Myers cocktail infusion.

(btw - Dr. Mary from the Remedy Room is fantastic and if you live near New Orleans - pay her a visit.)