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Glutathione - Your Cellular "Radiator"

Glutathione is the key antioxidant inside cells. Look at your cells as if they were the gasoline engine of your car. The motor is the mitochondria and this cellular motor creates the same end products as the car engine - carbon dioxide and water. Along the way to making these two end products is the creation of "waste." In your car, it is heat, in your cells, it is oxidized species (ROS).

Your car engine has a radiator otherwise it would "seize up." Your cells have a radiator - glutathione - that keeps your cellular engine from "seizing up."Dr. Nayan Patel (pharmacist) explains his development of a supplement that increases glutathione more effectively compared to oral or IV application of glutathione.

Here is the link to the video in which Dr. Patel discusses glutathione and his new technology for the administration of this critical substance.


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