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Holistic Healing / Integrative Medicine Conference

This event is occurring LIVE this Saturday, January 28th, in Maryville, TN from 9 am until 4 pm. It features ten (10) holistic speakers, including Dr. Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D., Dr. Scott Laird, N.D., and Billy Wease, Pharm. D.

The event may be attended in person:

You can also attend virtually:

The virtual attendance is offered at no cost. However, you can make a tax-deductible donation by going to:

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"Go out into the light and warmth of the glorious sun, you pale and sickly ones, and share with vegetation its life-giving, health-healing power."

- The Health Reformer, May 1, 1871


Weekly Webinar Links: Join us for detailed health information - at no charge. All are welcome.

Monday at noon EST -

Tuesday at 8 pm EST -


Be Bold - Be Brave - Stay Well

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