How NOT to Die Young - Part 4

Atrial Fibrillation is a serious heart conditions where the electrical signal between the upper and lower chambers of your heart are NOT communicating properly.

I have personal experience with this disease, having been in persistent Atrial Fibrillation (afib) for 6 years over a decade ago.

People like myself, who are in persistent afib often cannot resolve the problem without a surgical intervention - called ablation - where heart tissue is literally burned in order to "remodel" the electrical pathways. Many people who have afib and an ablation revert to afib just a few years after the procedure. Why? Surgery seldom touches on the root cause. Therefore the process(es) that led to the afib, in the first place, are still active.

I had "mild" Lyme disease that was likely the cause of the condition. I pre-treated and treated myself with anti-infective for 18 months prior to the procedure. Consequently, here I am, 10 years later in normal (sinus) rhythm. The analytics we developed to test your physiology (blood) is very accurate at determining the cause(s) of afib. And, when we do this testing (or chronic disease temperature 55 biomarker panel), coupled to the risk assessment, we are able to reduce your risks of afib. Our team also has experience with mild afib cases. We have rectified the irregular heart rhythms in many people. Thus the approach we use is both preventative and can reverse cases of afib.

It is also really important to get your health "right" BEFORE any surgeries so you will repair and recover well.

Here is a story about afib shared by the wife of a client with whom we are just starting to work.