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Sound Therapy for Better Sleep, Brain Health, & Hearing

This is a topic seldom discussed, however, it is an important consideration. Please watch the video linked below. This is among the highest rated videos we have produced.

Here is the link:


Sound Therapy International:

Rafaele Joudry Founder & Director Rafaele Joudry was the joint creator of the Joudry portable Sound Therapy method with her mother, Patricia Joudry. Because of the transformative effects, Sound Therapy has had on so many lives, Rafaele is committed to making Sound Therapy accessible to every person and family that needs it. Rafaele is constantly writing, lecturing, touring and teaching to bring the message of Sound Therapy to the world.

Wendy Zeffertt Senior Health Consultant Wendy is a qualified biologist and nutritionist and has studied numerous wholistic health modalities. She currently works as an Acu Energetics practitioner as well as her role at Sound Therapy. She has been a Sound Therapy Consultant for over ten years. Wendy has also studied meditation and Eastern philosophy for many years and aims to bring serenity and compassion to all her interactions. She loves talking with Sound Therapy listeners so she can assist them in finding the right balance in their lives and their health.


Weekly Webinar Links:

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Stay Well

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