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"Surprising" Fact About Cholesterol - 4

Cholesterol has antibiotic properties.

Here is a paper Dr. Trempe showed me in 2007 with his notes highlighted.

Being French Canadian, he often got his singular and plural mixed up. What do you expect from a genius?

"Streptococcus pneumoniae is an important cause of bacterial keratitis, an infectious disease of the cornea."


One way to determine if a study or a concept is broadly considered valid or even understood is to perform a citation search. This shows how many other studies quoted or referred to the paper.

Hmmm - 37 citations in 16 years. Not a lot.

A review of all 37 shows that none of the citations discussed the antibiotic properties of the cholesterol molecule. Instead, they were focused on keratitis.

I searched through several engines to see if I could find at least one more reference on the antibiotic effect of cholesterol, to no avail.


Here is supporting evidence of the antibiotic properties of the cholesterol molecule. This is taken from my book "Quarterback Your Own Health." page 129


Index & Upcoming (short) blogs

Number 1: Cholesterol fun (true) facts - completed

Number 2: Is the actual cholesterol molecule important? c - completed

Number 3: What is an optimal TC value? Remember, no one knows their actual cholesterol molecule value. - completed

Number 4: Surprising fact about cholesterol as an antibiotic - completed

Number 5: TC simple math - dumb doctors - coming next

Number 6: What is LDL really?

Number 7: Statins - do they lower the cholesterol molecule?

Number 8: What did we learn from the new "biologics" to lower "cholesterol"

Number 9: Niacin and other "cholesterol" management treatments

Number 10: What did Natasha Campbell-McBride say about cholesterol/lipids?


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