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Tetracyclines Improve Mitochondria Function

Mark Nelson is the foremost chemist in the world on a neglected class of pharmaceuticals - Tetracyclines. Besides being antibiotics, they are also powerful anti-inflammatories. Watch the video by Dr. Nelson as he explains their clinical value.


Organic and Medicinal Antibiotic Chemist and Inventor with over 40 patents and marketed drugs Nuzyra and Seysara FDA approved in 2018. From this work we received ACS Heroes of Chemistry Award in 2019. Currently studying antiinflammatory activity of novel compounds against stroke and neurodegeneration and the links between infectious diseases, mitochondria and inflammation with researchers worldwide.

At CP Lab Chemicals, a division of CP Lab Safety, we are building the Amazon of chemicals out of Novato, California, using cheminformatics with only the best reagents for discovery and science physically available.

We curate and distribute over 285,000 chemical products and rely on chemoinformatics to provide only the best chemicals for research and commerce.


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