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Vaccine Injured?

  • Concerned about spike protein "shedding?"

  • Still suffering from COVID long-haul?

We have launched a new website. The main URL is

We are posting regular blogs related to COVID and the damage the spike protein can cause.

For example, one blog is titled "Proof of Vaccine Death."

Here is one important excerpt from that post:

"Since no nucleocapsid protein could be detected, the presence of spike protein must be ascribed to vaccination rather than to viral infection."

I hope you can take the time to read through the blogs. If you have any suggestions on valuable post topics, please send them to

Also, I would appreciate any comments and suggestions you have about the website - in general, or specifically. You can send comments to the same email address.


One offering on the new website is a very comprehensive lab panel. This is available without a consult and was created to help ease concerns about our future risk from the spike protein. If you obtain this panel and are worried about the results, you can take the report to your preferred health practitioner or hire one of our experts to review the data and make suggestions.

"If you are not testing, you are guessing!"


I, Dr. Carter, and a team of professionals published a paper about COVID in May 2020. What we wrote early into the pandemic has withstood the test of time. The vital point in this peer-reviewed paper is that your existing burden of inflammation and other stressors is the key determinant of your outcomes if you encounter the spike protein.


Weekly Webinar Links: Join us for detailed health information - at no charge. All are welcome.

Monday at noon EST -

Wednesday at 8 pm EST -


Be Bold - Be Brave - Stay Well

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