The Chronic Disease Temperature (CDT) is a panel of 55 biomarkers. It was developed by a team at Harvard Medical School and MIT. It uses a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm (patented) to assess your chronic state of health and health risks. Every biomarker in the CDT is a reflection of your early mortality potential and every lab value may be improved through health revival coaching or professional consultation.


In addition we add testing for 7 pathogens. According to Kaiser Peterson Foundation, Ill-defined conditions are the leading cause of early mortality, chronic diseases, and healthcare costs. Stealth organisms play an under-appreciated role in these conditiions. This screening is for the most common organisms. A surprising number of our clients are positive based on this test.


The organisms tested for in this panel include:

  • Chlamydial Antibodies: C pneumoniae, C psittaci, and C trachomatis
  • H-Pylori
  • Lyme antibodies
  • Toxoplasma Gondii
  • Mycoplasma Pneumoniae


Your Chronic Disease Temperature is an important objective step in the discovery of the root-causes of chronic diseases or risks. This panel reveals multiple biomarkers of inflammation and disease.


An order for your labs at LabCorp will be provided to you after you place your order. Then you go to and make an appointment for a blood draw at the time and location of your choosing.


We will receive you lab results within 5 business days. At that time, we will generate our comprehensive Chronic Disease Temperature report and a report of the infectious organisms, if detected. We will contact you to set up a time for a detailed dive into the health story you blood reveals.

CDT Panel with Infectious Screening; NO Consult

  • Includes:

    • 55 biometric panel of labs for chronic disease risk and health assessment
    • Includes Chlamydia antibodies; mycoplasma pneumniae antibodies, lyme total antibodies; H-pylori antibodies; and toxoplasma gondii antibodies. (all IgG - except lyme includes IgG and IgM)
    • Choose your own practitioner for the consult
    • Your “Chronic Disease Temperature” which is a single value that best explains you chronic state of health.
    • A detailed, simplified, color-coded lab report that explains how each biomarker identifies major disease categories like Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.
    • Summary explaining each biomarker
    • Chart that shows your values compared to optimal values