H-pylori is responsible for many chronic conditions and complaints. It was the subject of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine. That work was for h-pylori as a causing factor in stomach ulcers.

We now know that h-pylori is at the root of several gut-related cancers including: gastric and colon types.

This organism is a LIVING ANTACID and creates disruption to your microbiome and stomach acid. In essence, this organism may cause:

  • malabsorption / malnutrition
  • leaky gut / intestinal permeability
  • autoimmune diseases
  • gut cancers
  • stomach ulcers
  • and it may contribute to any degenerative disease by reducing absorption of essential nutrients.

This is a "must test" for anyone with gut issues and/or chronic complaints that are not well defined.

H-Pylori (helicobacter pylori)

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