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Transforming Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Diseases

Reverse brain diseases with our proven and medically sound 3-part approach.

  • Part 1: Identify and eliminate causes of brain inflammation and dysregulation

  • Part 2: Stop the inflammation itself

  • Part 3: Rebuild new brain connections and plasticity

Your Path to  Better Brain Health

       Proper testing coupled to key interventions is central to brain health improvement.
√ Test for brain health risk factors and biomarkers.
√ Test for heavy metal burden.
√ Engage in expert consultations to implement your course correction plan.
√ Continue or begin Neurologics brain training program.

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This 70 biomarker test looks for:
√ Inflammation that impacts microglial cells
√ Infections know to disrupt brain chemistry
√ Gut dysbiosis impacting neurotransmitters
√ Autoimmunity reactions against the brain
√ Oxidative stress
√ Energy hormone status

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This test looks for:
√ Heavy metals that impact brain & whole body health
√ Mycotoxin burden including molds
√ Environmental Toxins

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Detailed & ongoing consultations will include:
√ Full health history

√ Family health history
√ Brain health risk portfolio assessment
√ Biomarker and toxin review & explanation
√ Treatment & recovery plan
√ Supplements & interventions

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Neurologics proven track record:
√ Concussion & brain Injury

√ ADHD, learning differences, child development
√ Addiction and recovery
√ Peak performance
√ Over 10,000 children accurately assessed
√ Over 20,000 people helped in the past 15 years

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Eye health is an indicator of brain health:
√ The retina is the"approachable" brain

√ Children with Autism often have eye pathologies
√ The eye can be measured non-invasively
√ Eye testing tools are superior to those for the brain
√ The retina is the most vascular tissue in the body
√ Neurological and degenerative diseases are measurable in the eye often before the brain is impacted

Did you know?

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Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen and blood in your body

  • It is 10 times more metabolically active compared to most tissue in your body. Vascular diseases lead to brain disease.

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When your brain is "ill," inflammation perpetuates rather than subsides

  • Inflammation, once started in the brain, does not easily "shut off" when compared to non-brain tissue like joints or muscle.

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Building new brain connections - renewing brain plasticity - is a reality

  • With advanced brain analysis and brain training methods, new and improved brain function does occur.

The Science Behind Brain Repair and Recovery

Essentially all brain diseases have common threads.
The causes of brain maladies are multi-factorial.

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