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Transforming Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Diseases

Focus on: Autism, PANDAS, Depression/Anxiety,
Traumatic Brain Injury, and Neurodegeneration

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This 70 biomarker test looks for:

√ Inflammation that impacts microglial (brain immune) cells
√ Infections known to disrupt brain chemistry
√ Gut dysbiosis impacting neurotransmitters
√ Autoimmunity reactions against the brain
√ Oxidative stress
√ Energy hormone status

√ Includes 2 hours of consultation time with a medical expert on lab interpretation and 2 - 30 minute follow appointments with an HRP health coach


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Three Interconnecting Pieces to the Brain Health Puzzle:
Identify and eliminate root-causes of brain inflammation and dysregulation
Stop the perpetual inflammation and eliminate toxicity
Map the brain, then rebuild new brain connections and plasticity


Did you know?

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Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen and blood in your body

  • It is 10 times more metabolically active compared to most tissue in your body. Vascular diseases lead to brain disease.

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When your brain is 'ill," inflammation perpetuates rather than subsides

  • Inflammation, once started in the brain, does not easily "shut off" when compared to non-brain tissue like joints or muscle.

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Building new brain connections - renewing brain plasticity - is a reality

  • With advanced brain analysis and brain training methods, new and improved brain function does occur.

The Science Behind Brain Repair and Recovery

Essentially all brain diseases have common threads.
The causes of brain maladies are multi-factorial.

Example of a patient whose Alzheimer's was reversed.

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