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In their own words...

Health Revival Partners - A Positive Health Impact!

 Before I started the program, I was suffering from low energy, weight gain, night sweats and some joint pain - for about 2 years. I had tried several "remedies," some physician prescribed and some not. Some of them were good at treating the symptoms, not so much the underlying issues - others had no effect at all. My symptoms were getting worse and I was getting demotivated and my attitude about all kinds of things was worsening.

 I had been reading/learning about the impact of diet and nutrition (including supplements) and, at the same time, my company’s wellness group was hosting some seminars run by HRP, so I went. I have been so very pleased with the program and the impact it's had on my life. I have more energy, I am able to concentrate for longer periods of time, and my metabolic issues have improved.  I have seen almost all of my joint pain disappear, and my night sweats are almost non-existent at this point. I really feel better.  As a result of the changes we have made to my diet and lifestyle, I have been able to do away with 3 of my prescriptions, and reduced the dose of another one.  

I would wrap up my comments by adding that the people at HRP and the coaching I am receiving are top notch. They have inspired me on this journey and continue to be my motivation to improve. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve their health and, more importantly, their wellness.


Off of Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Meds!

I started the Health Revival program because I had high blood pressure. The Health Revival people told me that they could get me off my medicine if I worked with them. I have been taking medicine for my high blood pressure and high cholesterol for about three years. Even though my doctor got my blood pressure down with medicine she did not have a solution how to get me off the medicine. The Health Revival people gave me several vitamins to take and changed my diet. After about six months of work with the Health Revival people my blood pressure and cholesterol has improved and with the doctor's advice they have cut my medicine down to a quarter of what I was taking. With the new diet they have me on I have lost about twelve lbs. and feel a lot better. I have become more active at the gym and do not feel as tired as I used to after I get finished working out. I will continue working with the Health Revival people to get me off all my medicine and continue working with their coaches to stay on a healthy diet. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to become healthier and get off medicine that might help one problem they have but cause damage to other parts of their body.

 I hope to stay in this program because it has made a big difference in my life.
 Thank you for all the help.


Rheumatoid Arthritis & Diabetes Completely Reversed

I have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for years. And was diagnosed with type II diabetes February 2014.
My arthritis was to the point that I couldn't make a fist at all an my knuckles were so big that I couldn't get my ring to move much less get it off. My back hurt most of the time. The Doctors told me that they could give me medication to make my arthritis less painful but nothing they could do for the arthritis. As for my type II diabetes, I was put on Metformin 500 mg. twice a day. My numbers started out at 300 an after taking the metformin they dropped to 144 to 120 sometimes higher. Plus I weighed 180.
With the arthritis and type II diabetes, I felt tired all the time and had very little energy. I just didn't feel like doing anything.When I got home from work I just wanted to do nothing. I had to force myself to do anything. I felt like I needed a nap all the time. At night I tossed and turned when I tried to sleep and was up and down several times a night.
After starting the HRP program which I thought was a bunch of bull to start with but I made a commitment to do it so I gave it a chance. AND AM GLAD I FOLLOWED THROUGH!!! The results were amazing. It didn't happen overnight but getting sick didn't happen overnight either. 
I can now make a tight fist, have no problem working around the house after work. I can run and play with the grandkids and Not feel wore out. My energy is awesome, and I am not diabetic anymore. At least I don't think so. My numbers are at 109 to 76 range most of the time, with no medication. Except for a couple herbs. And now I weigh 163 pounds.

The HRP program has helped me learn how to eat a healthy diet an take control of my life. They are there anytime I need them. It's like having my own personal coaching staff. The HRP team has been there for me through the rough times as well as the good. They keep me motivated and encourage me to get through the good an bad. I feel energetic and much better than I have In a very long time. 

If it weren't for their encouragement, I would have given up a long time ago. I would still be sick and even more problems than I started with. Along with Nicole my health creation coach who helped steer me in the right eating direction. Which was very important. HRP physicians had plenty of good advice also. All were very helpful.
I realize now that you need to have functional Dr.s as well as medical Dr.s and every thing don't have to be treated with prescription medications. I am happy with the HRP program and feel as long as they can help me it is all worth it. I would definitely recommend  this program to others.


Psoriasis Reversed

I had severe psoriasis on my hands and feet. Had this problem  for  over a  year,  seen 3 Dermatologists,  done patch testing, tried all kinds of steroid creams, had steroid shots, got light therapy - and everything I did hurt so bad! I wore gloves everyday, slept in them with Vaseline, it was awful.  It wasn't until Dr Lewis came to my work and talked about HRP and said he could help me that I had hope. They sure have helped, my hands and feet are doing awesome. The coaching is great not only for my hands and feet, but working  on my overall health. I would love to see HRP continue and I do recommend  it to all.  I'm so grateful for what they done thanks so much. 

Part 2: I had a severe case of psoriasis, open cracks on my fingers and palms of my hands. It went on for 14 months, and all the doctors could give me was a topical steroid. Everyday tasks hurt so much, I had to wear gloves often to work. After 7 months in the program, my hands are healed. I can finally wash my hands without pain! It's really amazing! I can't thank you guys enough!


Acid Reflux Solved - Mood Issues (anxiety and depression) Resolved

I'd been on acid reflux meds for 10 years with no help. I'm much better now and off the medications. I am also off of anxiety and depression medications. I got my pre-diabetes controlled with eating right.  My joint pain is gone now and I'm able to move more.  My husband has retired now, so we are walking more and traveling. Getting on the right vitamins, CLO, magnesium and vinegar has helped tremendously.
Thank you.

Yes, I would recommend this program to others.


Stage 3 Kidney Disease Reversed

I joined the Health Revival Partners program because I was feeling tired all the time and in general, was just not feeling the way I felt I should feel at age 61.  I thought that if I felt like this now, I didn’t want to even think about how I would feel when I was 70.  I also had a few health issues that had popped up – an unexplained pain in my lower left side that had persisted for weeks; stomach issues; signs of kidney failure; general fatigue; and other issues.  I was not looking for a cure – I just wanted some help to just feel better. 

Throughout this program I was provided with supplements and practical advice on ways to improve my quality of life.  I never felt that I was being pushed into anything I did not want to do.  I still have things to work on, but I can honestly say I have my energy back and feel much better than I did nine months ago.  My recent bloodwork also shows that I have moved out of Stage 3 kidney disease and lowered my cardiovascular disease markers.
 I would definitely continue with the program and would highly recommend it to others.


Regrowing Hair! Also - Stomach and Brain Much Improved

I know growing of hair was not the goal here, it also is a positive thing on my part, but the important things is my over all health. Stomach problems have all gone and my memory has definitely improved, lowered blood pressure (don't need medication anymore), lowered weight, feeling better than I have in longer than I can remember. Wife can definitely tell I am a happier person all around. Everyone I worked with on this were great keeping me on track. Also got to eliminate 2 of my prescriptions but most of all is they discovered an infection in my blood cells that normal test would not find. I am now on treatment for this and I am very grateful. They are also working with my doctor to achieve even more of a healthy and longer life. I thank God for everyone at HRP who is working with me, would not be where I am today without them.


Health Spiraling Out of - and NOW into Control.

I had been at a very low point in my life for about two years.  My health seemed to be spiraling out of control.   I was getting recurring urinary track infections, bloating, muscle spasms, joint pains, bowel difficulties, depressed, migraines and fatigued.  The doctors I went to ran test on me that all came back normal.   They had no explanation why I was having these symptoms.   One doctor actually told me he thought I should see a counselor.  I felt like the doctors thought I was making these symptoms up.  My health issues impacted me so much, I felt like I was going through the motions of life.  I had no energy and was just getting by at work and home.  My family doctor put me on an anti-depressant to help with my depression, but it didn't help.

When I heard about the HRP program I was very excited.  It looked like a program that thought outside of the box. When I met with the doctors they actually listened to me and ran test that other doctors didn't run.  Through this process they laid out a plan.  The first step was adding supplements.  When I started the supplements I did see an improvement in my health.  Next, I started seeing a life coach, who helped me change my diet.   Again, I started to see more improvements in my health.   The last step of my plan was an antibiotic treatment.   I hesitated doing the antibiotic treatment, but decided to go ahead and do it.


Everything they had recommended so far was making me feel significantly better so it was worth a try.  It was a little rough when I started the antibiotics, but the end result was worth it.  I know longer take my antidepressant and all my the symptoms impacting my health are either completely gone or rarely occur.  After two years I finally feel like I have my life back. I am forever thankful for the HRP program, it changed my life.   I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to improve their health.


Acid Reflux Gone, Energy Back, Diabetes Improved

When I started the program, I had been diagnosed as being a diabetic in 2013 and I had been taking basal insulin for 3 of the last 4 years. I had also been taking medication for GERD since about that same time.

The only options I seemed to be given was to take more or different types of medication. Many of which would be several hundred dollars a month that I don’t want to spend and had side effects that were counter intuitive to the condition, like weight gain and fatigue.

 With a diet and supplement program from HRP I was able to reduce the amount of insulin I was taking and get off the GERD medication. I was actually able to get off of insulin all together for a while. I lost some weight along the way as well. This is very much centered around a dietary approach and I’m a very picky eater, so following 100% was very difficult for me. Unfortunately, I just don’t like much food that is good for me and I love to eat out, which does me no favors.
 I am still in treatment, and although I’m not yet where I want to be, I can see that the approach does work if I follow the plan and it gives me a way to help manage diabetes without more medication.

We have had to make some changes along the way, but it has been flexible and I believe I have made some good changes in my lifestyle and, maybe more importantly, in the way I think about my choices and what is and what is not healthy. I’m currently on an antibiotic regimen to try get a couple of latent infections out of my body, so we will have to see how I feel in another 30 days or so.

At this point in the program, I don’t know how much more it has to offer me, because I now feel the changes are mine to make and stick with, which I haven’t done very well. I would, however, recommend it to others to see another side of things that may not be addressed with other programs. Things to help you restore balance and changes that you have to make to be overall more healthy.


Solved a 30 Year Constipation Problem. Now Knows What Good Health is and How to Maintain it.

I have been in relatively good health all of my life, but I have always had a love hate relationship with food.  I went on every fad diet, stopped eating altogether, and never had the ability to stick to a program.  In part it was because I was conditioned through years of bad information to believe that certain foods and fats were bad and certain foods were good, that skipping meals and having “shakes” was going to do the trick, and that eating sugary treats, as long as they had no fat, would be healthier.  At 13, I began to experience bouts of constipation.  I would be in school and get horrible cramps in my stomach that I did my best to cover up.  I had no idea what was causing the issue.  As the years went on and my fad diets continued, it just made the constipation that much worse.  My weight went up and down, but the constipation never went away.  When I was 15, I began using laxatives to get relief, and to augment my “dieting” habits.  I could go a week without having a bowel movement.  I was tired all the time.  I upped my caffeine intake to help with the fatigue.  Over the course of time I came to just accept that this was how I was “made” and that I would always have bouts of severe cramping.  By the time I became pregnant, I had decided that I would abandon the idea of dieting and compensate with exercise.  After my children arrived, I fell back into my old patterns of not eating, skipping meals, and eating the wrong things.  I was able to keep my weight fairly constant.  When menopause hit, however, that was no longer the case.  I was also diagnosed with a thyroid condition at the time and actually gained weight after starting the medicine.  In addition, the constipation never went away.  The providers I saw recommended different laxatives, or drinks that they believed would help.  I was using laxatives twice a week.  When Hillenbrand offered Bod Pod, I saw a chance to lose weight, and eagerly joined.  After my Dad passed away, however, I began thinking about my mortality, and wanted to do more to give myself a healthier, longer life.  When Hillenbrand offered HRP, I saw a chance to make these significant types of lifestyle changes, so I jumped at the chance.  As I have worked with HRP, I have come to unlearn a lot of habits I previously held as beneficial that were, in fact, causing my problems.
I began following the program that HRP laid out for me.  I was so anxious to have a higher energy level that I looked forward to the recipes, webinars, and helpful suggestions they were making to improve my life.  I tried the new foods and faithfully took the supplements.  I ate more healthy fats and began cutting out more and more sugar out of my diet.  I found eating healthy did not have to taste terrible, and I really enjoyed the new foods.  My mental focus was better.  My energy began to increase.  After 40+ years of chronic constipation, I was finally able to stop using laxatives.  My A1C numbers improved significantly.  I was close to pre diabetic prior to starting the program, and now my numbers indicate someone far removed from that.  I can eat some foods I thought I could never eat, like fatty cheeses, nuts and liver, and I don’t miss the food that I shouldn’t eat.  In fact, not too long ago, I got a notion in my head that I was going to eat some candy.  Not just any candy either, but candy corn, the worst kind of candy.  I had not eaten any large amounts of sugar for months.  When I did, however, it was like my entire body rebelled.  I became sick – nauseous.  After plenty of water I was able to work through it and I thought “Wow!  My body is actually telling me I am poisoning it!” and it made me realize what sugar had done to my body. 
The coaches were a great help, with suggestions, new food ideas, recipes, and just plain encouragement.  You are not expected to execute the program perfectly.  It is tailored to you, so you are comfortable with it.  I dove head first into it and I have been so happy with it that I have talked my son and daughters and my family and friends into trying out a lot of the ideas from the program so they can feel better as well.  I love finding new foods I can try.  I plan on continuing the program and would recommend this program to anyone who asked me.  Everyone involved with the program cares about improving your overall health and nutrition and is very good at explaining why it works.  I know it did for me.


From Really Sick to Really Healthy in 9 Months

I'm feeling amazing!  The (Health Revival physician and coach) have been a blessing to my life.  I never thought I would feel like my old self again.  I know I still have a long way to get completely better, and excited to see the end results and have continued health. 


My Husband Went from a Grump - to a Happy Grandpa!

When we joined the program, my husband couldn't bend his fingers because of the swelling and pain caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis.  6 months later, he can make a fist! The swelling and pain is gone. He's lost weight, and he has so much more energy! You should see him running around, playing with the grand kids. He used to sit around and be cranky when he saw us playing, but now he joins in. We were always told there was no cure for RA, but he says he feels like he's 21 again!


Tumor Resolved

When I began the Real Health journey earlier this year, I would have classified myself as a healthy person with a great energy level but with one big uncertainty for my future health after the removal of a cancerous tumor just a few months earlier. With no real reason provided for the occurrence and growth of the tumor I had this nagging concern about the Why and what I could do differently to help prevent its return. When I heard about Real Health I was unsure of what they could really do for me….since in my world I thought that I was already healthy and the doctors that I saw for the tumor all said that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

After my first meeting with the Health Revival Doctor and Coach, I was still a little skeptical but they raised my curiosity that maybe there were some underlying reasons to support the “why” behind the tumor growth. Again I was a healthy person and with overall great eating habits. However in meeting with the health coach I found out that I really had some opportunities to reduce the amount of sweets that I eat and how that had an impact on my overall health…not just my waistline. I didn’t take on all of the recommendations from the health coach but I did make some changes and the results after about 5 months have been really awesome. I have made significant reductions in insulin levels (which I found out can help feed the growth of tumors) and I feel even better than I did before. On those days that I binge eat a bunch of sweets I do feel it and can really understand that although I thought I felt great I could actually feel better. I do feel like I have more energy than I had before and have really embraced a few of the diet changes that have reduced the amount of sugar that I consume.

I must say that I had some periods of skepticism at points during the program but my Health Revival Coach has been awesome about helping to keep me grounded and sort through the changes that were right for me and my last round of blood work proves it. I made significant reductions in my cancer risk factors and made diet changes that have paid off in my overall health and energy. I didn’t get “all of the answers” to what caused the tumor to grow, but I did learn more about the factors that likely had an influence and the changes I needed to make to hopefully never have them return and most importantly I feel like I have the ability to be even more healthy than I was before.

I think that the program is a great option for employees to understand more about the factors impacting their health and changes that they can make to improve them. I have several friends outside of work that I have told about the program and wished that their company would provide the same.  

I was reluctant to do the program since I felt like I was already healthy but am really happy that I had the support of coworkers to push me to try it. Sometimes it is easier to jump into the unknown when you have the support of a friend…and someone to compare notes with. It really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try some new things….some better than others but it all helped me understand more about myself and what I can do to improve my own health. I would like to continue with the program so that I can continue to work with the team and be the healthiest person possible.


10-Year Battle with Debilitating Autoimmune Disease (Polychondritis​) Solved

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness, relapsing polychondritis. Which consists of inflammation in cartilage in both my ears, and many scleritis flares in both eyes.  I feel that if I hadn't connected with  HRP, I would be in worse shape, if not deathly sick. My condition has been going on for about 20 years. Before HRP, I had been to University of Cincinnati,  Cleveland clinic,  infectious disease doctors,  general MD, and several rheumatologists. All of them offered only harmful meds, which none were a success.  I was on Imuran and developed a lump on breast, which had to be removed,  and was due to Imuran side effect per surgeon.   Flares were very painful in my ears and eyes. Because of abundant use of prednisone, I have developed osteoporosis as a side effect of the 'treatment' for my condition. 

I also developed cataracts in both eyes due to high doses of prednisone, and was losing my vision. It could no longer drive. My eye doctor would not do the surgery until I was 3 months free of having any eye flares before the surgery due to very high risk inflammation afterwards. Before joining the Real Health program, I  was having at least 1-2 flares a month. The HRP program has helped to lower the inflammation, my flares are few and far in between - and when I do have one it is controlled with a much lower dose of prednisone. I was able to have cataract surgery and multifocal lenses implanted in November of 2017, and it was a success.  I now have 20/20 vision, and has drastically changed the quality of my life.  I am also currently in the process of quitting  cigarettes. Real Health has been a big help to my health in a major way and I look forward to continuing to improve my health through the HRP program!


Dry Skin No More.

When I started the Health Revival program  I had itchy scaly skin on legs and arms I had tried a lot of things, nothing helped. They taught me about healthier choices of food and I have taken their supplements within a couple of months I could see and feel a difference!  I also had frequent colds and my energy was low.  All has improved, and the best of all there is no side effects.  Thank you Health Revival!!  


Respiratory Problems Gone

I first heard about the HRP program in early 2017. Although I was skeptical, I signed up to participate in the program. I have to admit that I have tried other programs in the past, and always lost interest. It has been about 9-10 months since I have been in the HRP program and I will have to say, for the first time in a long while, I am glad I stuck with a program.

 The HRP staff and doctors work very closely with each individual. They are in constant communication with you and are not pushy at all. While they offer you suggestions, they work with you so you can work out a plan together, and one you can manage. The staff comes to know you and your health. Since I began the program, I feel so much better. I have more energy and am more aware of the things I can do to improve my health – even small steps. I have not made drastic changes to my lifestyle, but rather healthy changes and healthy choices. Before the program, I was the type of person who was always getting colds and experiencing respiratory complications with my colds. Since being with HRP, the number of colds has decreased. When I do get a cold, the duration of the cold has also decreased. Importantly, I have not experienced any respiratory issues (sinus infection/bronchitis) since my participation in HRP. Thanks to the HRP staff, I have become more accountable for my own health, and am motivated to continue to move in the right direction. I would recommend this program to anyone, even if you aren’t having any problems and think you are healthy. It is a very doable program for anyone!


Chronic Pain - Leading to Kidney Failure - Abated.

I had been experiencing pain in my lower back that was causing me some terrible problems getting out of bed every morning. I was taking around 2400 mg of ibuprofen daily at the time to deal with the pain just so I could make it through the work week. So when they were telling us how they help us deal with the root of the problems we were having and not just medicate them I was eager to try it out. 

 After meeting with them the first time I found out that a big reason for my problem with inflammation (which caused my back pain and other problems as well) was my sugar intake. My normal routine at that time was to have a cup of coffee (which was about 32 oz) with cream and 3 heaping tablespoons of sugar and a large bowl of cereal for breakfast. I worked with my Health Coach to find an acceptable change in my eating habits which was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

 I have been with the program for about a year now and I have some stiffness every now and then but none like I had before I started the program. I don't need Ibuprofen for my back anymore, thank GOD! There are other benefits I have experienced as well. I have lost around 30 pounds and at least 5 inches from around my abdomen as well as improving other things with my health. 

 Thank you very much for all the help and encouragement over the past year Real health team!



Entire Family Benefited from HRP

Since starting on Health Revival my husband and I have been educated on better eating habits and alternative foods to improve our overall daily health habits.  By doing this in small steps along with vitamins and supplements my husband’s Chronic joint and knee pain has greatly decreased, his blood pressure has decreased and has lost weight to the point that he may not need his current blood pressure medicine. I believe because he is in less pain he has been more active he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Because our Health Revival health coach takes time and a lot of effort to getting to know my husband and working with what started to be an uncooperative patient changed him into a believer.

I personally have had less arthritis pain, headaches and when I remember to take the supplements provided by Health Revival, less constipation.  Monthly/quarterly visits, phone call and emails remind me and gets me back on track.  We also have two daughters 18 & 20 who have benefited from our change of eating habits and trying to eat less processed and more organic and fermented foods. Thank you!



The HRP program has completely changed my life!  

A year ago, I had very low energy, anxiety, depression, acid reflux, high cholesterol, couldn't lose weight, and my overall general health was unsatisfactory.  After my initial meeting with HRP, I knew this was something I had to try.  I felt awful most of the time, and was looking for something to give me hope for feeling better.  My lack of energy was hindering my lifestyle, making me feel depressed and anxious because I didn't have the energy to maintain daily activities to my fullest potential. 


After a year being on this program, I can 100% say this is the best I've felt in many years!  I've been able to eliminate 2 medications, lose 31 pounds, reduce my A1C and insulin level, along with no more chronic depression or anxiety.  They also found undetected underlying infections causing my white blood cell count to be high, and with aggressive treatment, it's decreased significantly.

The Health Revival Coaches and Doctors have helped me step by step through each stage of this program, and have supported and monitored my care closely.  They gave a personal touch to ensure my wellbeing, and road to a healthy new me was achievable.  The HRP program has been such a wonderful blessing in my life!  Without HRP's help, I would not be in this new healthy state of body, mind and soul!

Thank you Health Revival Partners!


24 Years of DAILY Migraines - Solved!

I am very appreciative and feel blessed that I was able to be part of the Health Revival Partners program. The health coaches from Health Revival Partners have provided exceptional care! I started the program with my main goal of reducing my headaches, or at least finding the root cause. I have been able to stop taking two of the medications I was receiving from the wellness center for headaches, Topamax and Atenolol. 

There were several days that I went without having a headache, which is a major improvement for me. It has been years since this has happened. I also reduced the number of migraine attacks and limited having to take Imitrex for relief.

I have more energy and feel better than I have in a long time. Also, on an additional note, when others around me came down with cold or flu, I have been able to stay healthy. The coaching provided for diet, lifestyle and the one on one appointments with my HRP Health Coach are invaluable.



Improvement in Autism

My 12-year son has autism. He spent years seeing traditional doctors and had countless appointments that included behavioral intervention strategies focused on social communication skill development and reduction of restricted interests and repetitive and challenging behaviors. We went through the usual process of occupational and speech therapy and social skills training and medications, to no avail.


We tried alternative therapy including QEEG and neurofeedback which showed modest improvement in function and behavior, but these results were only maintained through continuous treatment.


The approach used by Drs. Carter and Lewis has made the most impact. Through their testing, they showed that my son was experiencing toxicity and infection as well has being deficient on a number of fronts including key nutrients and microbiome health. They also revealed he had a gut organism that was depleting his stomach acid. Their 6-month program of detoxification, nutrient enhancement, treatment of the stomach, and restoration of his microbiome has made a substantial difference to his overall health and behavior.


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Our Mission


There is a problem. Health-Care has become Sick-Care and little is being done to educate and empower individuals to regain health and prevent disease. Much misinformation is found in the media and the food industry and drug companies are legally able to use marketing strategies that confuse and mislead the health consumer. Preventative measures in the medical community are non-existent, waiting until you are diseased to take action through procedures and prescription drugs that often lead to other conditions. Something must change. 

We believe that health is not a luxury, but a right. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and amazing improvements in health can happen if only we would supply our bodies with the basic building blocks for restoration and repair. Small changes add up to massive improvements in health and quality of life. 

Our Revival team of doctors, scientists, health coaches share a passion, dedication, and committed to changing lives by restoring health, one individual at a time. 

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Effective Population Health


Based on statistics by the NEJM Catalyst, 10 % of the population costs 70% of your dollars, 5% costs 60 %, and 1% cost 30%. Wellness programs tend to attract the health conscious and, well, the already "healthy". These programs are not effective on the sicker population, your high cost individuals. The reason for this fail is the lack of predictive power in the current "prevention" standard of care. 

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Dynamic Diagnostics

How were your diagnostic protocols developed and are they providing the information you need to make appropriate health decisions for yourself and for populations you manage? In the standard of care, the same blood panels are taken on essentially everyone in the population – from young to old, sick and healthy. There is merit to standardized tests but, since chronic disease is rampant in our society, it high time to rethink these tests. HRP has done just this – and they are complementary to our Chronic Disease Assessment™ and Chronic Disease Temperature™ by guiding us to an even more targeted understanding of disease – thus treatment.

How did we arrive at our tests and methods? Using the same approach any progressive organization uses to improve their business – through an iterative process of continuous improvement. It started in the Labs and Clinics of Harvard Medical School in the 1960s when our chief medical advisor, Dr. Kilmer McCully studied cases of children who died from heart disease in their adolescence. The next step also happened at Harvard when Dr. Clement Trempe made the connection between eye diseases he found as an Ophthalmologist and high rates of other diseases, early mortality and sudden death. Finally we performed a process of discovery that included the Nobel Prize winning approach of retro-analysis (by EJ Corey at Harvard). We used this approach as part of an extensive review of existing cases and married that data to a vast study of the medical literature housed in the National Library of Medicine (PubMed).  This led to the genesis of our suite of dynamic diagnostics that include inflammation, infection, eye pathology, brain health, Chronic Disease Temperature, and Chronic Disease Assessment. 

The power of ONE

Our bodies are incredibly resilient. Unfortunately, all too often we are made to believe that our bodies are "broken" and need the assistance of synthetic substances in order for us to live life to the fullest. We believe that the body has the power to heal itself as long as we 'tune in' and begin to give it the tools it needs for repair and recovery. Believe it or not, most often this CAN be done with the right dedication, NOT medication.

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The first step is to identify the areas in your life that are working against your bodies' attempt to heal and restore health. Next, to gain a better understanding of your body and how it functions. Identifying underlying causes of symptoms and devising a plan of action to chip away at the lifestyle risks that are holding you back from healing. Partner with a Health Revival Coach that will help you to listen to and meet the needs of your body, and watch HEALTH unfold. Revive!

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