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Detect & Treat Cancer at its Earliest Stages

Transforming Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancers

Cancer does NOT have to be your fate. It is predictable and measurable - like diabetes and heart diseases.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies show a common theme:
Whole body and local inflammation is a driver of many cancers. 

Here is a quote from Dana Faber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School.

"The NLR, a biomarker, has been studied in a variety of solid tumors and shown that it is associated with poorer outcomes in patients with higher NLR."

What is the NLR? It is a measure of your whole body inflammation and infectious burden - treatable conditions!

Key Providers

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Thomas Lewis, Ph.D.
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Michael Carter, M.D.
Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 4.12_edited.png
Scott Laird, N.D.
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Dr. Lewis explains how the cancer or tumor is not the root-cause of the disease.

Dana Faber Cancer Institute explains

how the NLR biomarker predicts

outcomes in solid tumor cancers.

Ohio State University explains how

the NLR biomarker predicts outcomes

in lung cancers.

Cancer Quick Facts:

  • Common modifiable biomarkers are elevated in most cancers.

  • The best indicators of cancer risk and prognosis are: the NLR, ferritin to iron ratio, C-reactive protein, and oral pathogens.

  • Infections including viruses and bacteria are known to cause or worsen cancers.

  • Toxic heavy metals can induce or worsen cancers.

  • The tumor is NOT the disease. Multiple processes contribute to tumor formation.

  • Cancer is NOT a chemotherapy deficiency. However, tumors must be arrested as they can envelope and destroy organs.

  • SARS-CoV-2 increases cancer rates - either through viral action, the cytokine storm, or by enabling other viruses.

We offer a comprehensive cancer program focused on:

  • early detection, prevention, and prognosis improvement

Note: If you have cancer already - a tumor, for example - you must have this treated independent of this program.

Typical Program Timeline

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Thomas Lokensgard,
N.D., D.M.D.
Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 5.53_edited.png
David Harshfield, M.D.
Jodi Laird,
Health Coach
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 12.38_edited.png
Wendi Michele,
Nutritionist & Advocate

Our team of professionals help you simplify your path to being or staying cancer-free.

What the program includes:

  • Dr. Lewis - 2.5 hours of consults

    • An initial 1 hour review of all your information and plan development​

    • Month 3: 30 minute check-in to review progress and order "spot check" labs​

    • Month 5: 30 minute check-in and update

    • Month 6: 30 minute review and determination of next steps

  • Health Coach / Advocate - 10 hours of plan implementation consults

    • Frequency and duration to be determined on an individualized basis​

    • Includes an initial 1 hour plan review and prioritization

    • Subsequent meetings are to aid in implementation, review progress, and assign "next step" tasks

  • Blood Testing - Full 80+ biomarker panel obtained at the beginning and end of 6-month program

    • Includes biomarkers in the following categories: Innate immunity, inflammation, bacterial infections, viral infections, metabolic status, clotting, oxidative stress, and tissue damage.

    • Spot-check labs customized to the individual based initial labs​

A la carte items:

  • Heavy Metal Testing

    • Quicksilver Scientific or Great Plains Labs: $500.00

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

    • Alletess Labs - 184 food panel: $275.00

    • KBMO - 132 foods and inflammatory response: $455.00

    • Vibrant America - peptide response (zoomers): panel dependent

    • Zonulin Test for intestinal permeability: $250.00

  • Oral Testing

    • Oral DNA test for 11 pathogens: $295.00

  • Advanced Pathogen Testing

    • Vibrant Wellness Tickborne Complete 2.0: $1200.00

    • Viral burden: $450.00

  • Hormone Evaluation

What we do is backed by science.

Here is one of several thousand research papers that supports our approach published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 3.20.50 PM.png
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Why is it so hard to achieve optimal health?


In traditional medicine there are 77,000 codes for diagnoses. Which one(s) are assigned to you?

When working with us, we evaluate five (5) critically important mechanisms that drive most chronic conditions.

This is the most sensible and cost-effective place to start. The 5 mechanism are:

  1. Poor repair and recovery due to nutritional and absorption deficiencies

  2. Specific sensitivities that cause inflammation

  3. Internal resource allocation - Thrive vs Survive - aka Fight or Flight

  4. Chronic and often stealth infections - oral pathogens, Lyme disease, Chlamydia pneumoniae...

  5. Inadequate autophagy - mainly caused by a lack of physical activity

By measuring and correcting these pathways, our clients most often achieve the optimal health they are pursuing.

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