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Energy Medicine - Part 4

Energy and health are intimately connected. More than 99% of the energy on earth is derived from the sun. The sun's energy is delivered to the earth in the form of light. The sun generates massive amounts of heat, but the 93,000,000-mile vacuum between us and the sun does not allow heat to travel from the sun to us. Therefore, the majority of the energy comes to us through electromagnetic energy - aka - light.

Light energy, in the form of waves, performs a variety of types of work (work requires energy). UV and visible light produce electrons (electricity). Infrared light creates vibrations (motion - aka heat). Microwave light creates rotation (motion - aka heat).

Electrons are needed to heal tissue (wounds) and provide energy (Krebs cycle within the mitochondria). Electron stealers, infections, for example, rob your body of electrons. Antioxidants are electron donors. They repair the damage created by electron stealers. Our immune system works by "stealing" electrons from infections as the key process of killing these invaders. This "anti-oxidant" action is specific and targeted. Your healthy tissue is not attacked by your immune system, but there is the potential for "collateral damage."

Not all antioxidants provide relief, at least under certain circumstances. Do you know why? Dr. Lewis provides the scientific foundation that explains why. The key considerations are:

  • Stoichiometry

  • Stereochemistry

  • Electromotive force (flow)

  • Electrochemical potential (strength)

The video link below is to the discussion on energy medicine and how light and oxidation, and reduction work to heal your body and provide you with energy.


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