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Focal Infection Part 2

Oral and Whole-Body Health

What is the common denominator between the various "pre-existing" conditions and death from COVID-19? We published a paper on this very topic. For interested readers, click on the title below......

The Cytokine Storm and Pre-Cytokine Storm Status in COVID-19. A Model for Managing Population Risk for Pandemics and Chronic Diseases

Below is a figure from the paper...

I hope you find this result is shockingly interesting as do I.

Relationship between Infection, comorbidities, and COVID-19 death rates.

Allow me to explain... Here is what we did to create this plot:

  1. RED: Plotted the mortality rate from COVID-19 for people with pre-existing conditions.

  2. BLUE: We did a simple search in the National Library of Medicine database for the following terms: "Infection" and "High blood pressure" and "Infection" and the other chronic diseases listed in the figure.

  • NOTE: The number of citations (papers) found, when you search the terms "Infection" and "Cancer" total over 6,000,000. There are over 6,000,000 articles relating Cancer and infection! (Why isn't anyone talking about this?)

MOST startling is the strong association between the number of papers and COVID-19 mortality rates.

Interpretation: Infection is an important underlying cause of chronic diseases and high COVID-19 death rates.


One major source of infection is from the mouth.

Scientific American published an important overview of the "Oral - Whole Body Health" connection in 2002. Too many of us believe that oral infection (periodontal disease) is an oral infection only. Yet, in 2002, this publication reported on disease and adverse outcomes as varied as: bone diseases, premature births, and cardiovascular diseases.

Click here to download the full publication.


Where are you on the oral health / periodontal disease continuum?

Your traditional dentist is really only looking for RAGING periodontal disease. And, no one is looking beyond the mouth. However, the oralDNA test, which uses your saliva, is a very powerful tool at determining your true periodontal disease status. It accurately places you on the periodontal disease continuum. (See below if interested in this testing)

Other markers that can provide an indication of whole body periodontal infection include:

  • white blood cell counts

  • neutrophil counts

  • % neutrophils

  • neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio

  • C-reactive protein

  • erythrocyte sedimentation rates.