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  • Life Extension Foundation (LEF) supports Big Pharma

  • If you support LEF, you support Big Pharma!

Saul Kent (July 18, 1939 – c. May 26, 2023) was a life extension activist and co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation, a dietary supplement vendor and promoter of anti-aging research.



I have now written nearly 30 blogs on "cholesterol" and statin drugs over the past few months.

As stated in these blogs, the sale of statin drugs has grossed $1 trillion dollars since 1987. Here is what $1T looks like,


Needless to say, their marketing budget is tremendous. In my book, "The End of Alzheimer's," I quoted statistics that show big pharma makes $2.5 for every $1 spent in TV advertising. Thus, we are deluged with advertisements.

The ads seldom present science. Also, most of the studies to support big pharma's position are sponsored by - big pharma. In the blogs, I presented information derived from objective - not biased - science.

I have read Life Extension Foundation (LEF) articles for the past 20 years. They are generally ok but never completely "on point." There is so much research published with so little verification that it is possible to stretch the truth or, as we now know, outright lie about the data.


Only 25% of large pharmaceutical companies fully met the data-sharing measure. The median company data-sharing score was 63% (interquartile range 58-85%). Given feedback and a chance to improve their policies to meet this measure, three companies made amendments, raising the percentage of companies in full compliance to 33% and the median company data sharing score to 80% (73-100%). The most common reasons companies did not initially satisfy the data sharing measure were failure to share data by the specified deadline (75%) and failure to report the number and outcome of their data requests. Across new drug applications, a median of 100% (interquartile range 91-100%) of trials in patients were registered, 65% (36-96%) reported results, 45% (30-84%) were published, and 95% (69-100%) were publicly available in some form by six months after FDA drug approval. When examining results on the drug level, less than half (42%) of reviewed drugs had results for all their new drug applications trials in patients publicly available in some form by six months after FDA approval."

AND - who is checking for what data is omitted? Great amounts of $$ are at stake here. With Vioxx - the harm was obvious. With most other drugs, the harm is buried under a mountain of chronic diseases.

Statins are the MOST PRESCRIBED drugs. If they worked, wouldn't this trend look like this, considering cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer and the #1 chronic condition?


Now comes Life Extension Foundation, taking a position similar to Big Pharma on LDL levels - and, by extension - the promotion of statin drugs.

If you read the article, the references support their case. But they are ignoring the hundreds of studies (references) I provided in those 30 blogs.

From LEF

This is SHOCKING to be included in the LEF article. The Journal of Neurology very clearly shows that an LDL of 40 mg/dL increases stroke risk by 300%! What is the reduction in mortality or heart attacks at that level? Whatever is reported is a lie because a stroke IS a CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE.

NOTE: A prospective study is NOT a cherry-picked randomized control trial. The results are for real people in a natural setting - like that of you and me.

"adjusted hazard ratios were 1.65 (95% confidence interval [CI] 1.32–2.05) for LDL-C concentrations of 50 to 69 mg/dL and 2.69 (95% CI 2.03–3.57) for LDL-C concentrations <50 mg/dL.

Translation: stroke risk is 200% to 360% higher when your LDL is <50 compared to an LDL of 100.


Basically, they are saying that by taking statins, you will live to 100! This is FRAUD. Go find the blog where Harvard Medical School clearly states taking statins does NOT EXTEND LIFE.

Why is this even in the article? It suggests we should all be there. Wouldn't Gates and Schwab be happy?

I've written enough.

My conclusion: Fallon is an IDIOT.




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Not sure if I would continue to read LEF articles, but if you are reading for amusement and for gathering ammunition, go for it!

Replying to

I've been a subscriber for decades, however, due to the objectionable ingredients in their products I had already cut my ties with LEF a few months ago. Live & learn...

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