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Psychological Manipulation Unpacked

Ros Nealon-Cook, a psychologist from Australia, had her license suspended for sounding the alarm about the harm to children from government pandemic policy. Ros has joined forces with several health professionals who were similarly censored and silenced worldwide.

Together, they have created The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration to raise awareness about the widespread propaganda and censorship of expert scientific opinion. You can read and sign the declaration here: – adding your signature will take less than a minute.

I encourage everyone to watch this video. It may empathize with friends and family who bought into and remain convinced by governmental narratives.

If you watch until near the end, Dr. Campbell admits to submitting to the narrative. It was a particularly poignant moment when he described how he had written a textbook explaining herd immunity and taught the concepts widely. He beat himself out for knowing the truth while still buying the propaganda about vaccines, and the jab in particular.


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Already digitally signed the declaration petition. :-)

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