Work with Dr. Carter to solve your unresolved and complex problems.

Dr. Carter is one of the top functional medicine doctors in American. He started his medical career as an anesthesiologist, then went into aesthetic medicine, and over the past decade has completely committed to learning and practicing functional medicine. He is both Institute for Functional Medicine and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine certified. In addition he is Bredesen and Trempe trained at delivering best emerging medical practices to preventing and reversing Alzheimer's.

Dr Carter has extended his learning in the following areas: stem cells; peptide therapy; energy medicine; hormones; Lyme disease; other occult infections including Chlamydia pneumoniae and their vascular consequences; autoimmune conditions; chronic pain, wound healing; mood disorders; eye diseases; and neurodegeneration.

1 Hour Dr. Carter Consultation

  • Sensitive cases may require more physician involvement. Examples of such situations may be someoone suffering from chronic disease for a long time and taking multiple medications. Someone with health issues that do not seem to be improving with lifestyle changes alone will benefit from consulting with one of our Health Revival physicians.

    Whether you are a sensitive case or would just like a medical professional to take a closer look into your health issues, our physicians are available to provide suggestions and solutions.