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Important: Please send your date of birth to so we can enter your lab order as required by the lab company.


What the 6-month program includes:

  • Consults with Dr. Lewis - 2.5 hours total
  • Program guidance with Wendi Michelle - 10 hours total
  • 70 biomarker panel obtained at the beginning and end of the 6-month program
  • Biomarker spot-check at ~ month 3. Labs to be obtained determined during consult with Dr. Lewis
  • Brain function assessment. We use the CNS Vital Signs program that measures several attributes of brain health. This test is run twice - at the beginning and end of the program.


This panel of 70 biomarkers was developed over the 47 year career of a Harvard Medical School brain and eye specialist. It was later validated and perfected by a team at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, and MIT. It uses a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm (patented) to assess your chronic state of health and health risks. Every biomarker in this is a reflection of your early mortality potential and every lab value may be improved through health revival coaching or professional consultation.


In addition to our core panel of 55 biomarkers, this panel includes testing for Thyroid: TSH, T4; T3; TPO antibodies; T3 free; reverse T3, and TP antibodies.


And Iron balance: Iron; UIBC; Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC); Iron Saturation; and Ferritin.


Finally, this panel includes our infectous screening test for 7 common but underappreciated pathogens. 3 chlamydial organisms, toxoplasma gondii, lyme screening, h-pylori, and mycoplasma pneumoniae.  Several of these organisms are highly correlated to brain, eye, and vascular health.


An order for your labs at LabCorp will be provided to you after the order is placed. Next go to and make an appointment for a blood draw at the time and location of your choosing.


We will receive your lab results within 5-7 business days. At that time, we will generate our comprehensive Chronic Disease Temperature report and separate reports on thyroid and iron status. We will contact you to set up a time for a detailed dive into the health story your blood reveals.

Health Optimization Program


    *Please Note*- Consulting with Dr. Carter is subject to a $200 additional charge.


    • 70 biomarkers for chronic brain risk and health assessment
    • Includes expanded thyroid and iron panel (11 additional labs). 
    • Includes screening for chronic bacterial infections know to disrupt the gut, brain, eyes, and cardiovascular systems.
    • Includes a 1-hr consult with a lab interpretation expert
    • Your “Chronic Disease Temperature” which is a single value that best explains your chronic state of health
    • A detailed, simplified, color-coded lab report that explains how each biomarker identifies major disease categories like brain diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases
    • Summary explaining each biomarker
    • Chart that shows your values compared to optimal values
    • Report on iron balance and thyroid status
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