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The Chronic Disease Assessment is a health & risk evaluation tool designed by our Harvard Medical School and MIT team. It also includes important contributions by Institute for Functional Medicine doctors.


Take the Chronic Disease Assessment and one of our Health Revival Coaches will review your results. This session is designed to bring to light risks that you may not be aware of and outline options for resolving these risks.


At the end of the checkout process, you will be able to download a file that contains a link to the Chronic Disease Assessment along with instructions. A link will be sent to your email after you place your order. Email us at and we will help you if any problems arise.


Includes a 30 minute consult.

1. Chronic Disease Assessment Survey and Consultation

  • Whether you are looking to get to the bottom of unexplained symptoms, you are struggling with multiple chronic diseases, or you are just trying to be proactive about your health; the Chronic Disease Assessment Survey is sure to uncover hidden risks in your lifestyle. One of our Health Revival Coaches will review your results and shed light on areas of lifestyle risk that may be affecting your current and future health.


    Includes access to a personalized health record system where you can store your health information in a HIPAA compliant (secure) environment and track your progress.

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