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Your eye is a window to your soul but also your health. Your local optometrist is usually able to perform diagnostic tests that tell a great deal about your current and future health - particularly regarding cardiovascular and neurodegenerative risk (Alzheimer's for example).


Step 1: Order this program - You will be provided with a detailed eye grading sheet on checkout that you can download and take to your optometrist.  To see the grading sheet and print it out, go to

Step 2: Go to to find a local optometrist capable of performing the tests necessary to determine your risks. See 3. below.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment with an optometrist who has: an OCT, Fundus Camera, and Slit Lamp Microscope. Ask them to schedule you for a complete eye exam with emphasis on eye diseases and pathology.

Step 4: Determine if your insurance will cover this exam. Otherwise it may cost up to $250. However, most insurance plans cover eye exams.

Step 5: Have the optometrist (office people) fax the images to 833-404-4052 or email to

Step 6: You will be contacted by a HRP team member to schedule an appointment to discuss your eye results.

3. Eye Report Review and Consultation

  • *Please Note*- Consulting with Dr. Carter is subject to a $200 additional charge.


    • Complete eye exam by your local doctor - usually covered by your health insurance.
    • Comprehensive chronic disease review of eye data files by Dr. Lewis or one of his team's optometrists expert in eye - systemic health interpretation.
    • Chronic Disease Assessment: A 120 question life and health risk assessment that delves into the root-causes of chronic disease.
    • Access to your own personal, HIPAA compliant health record system that allows your to store all your health data in one secure location that you can share with your health team member - if you choose to do so.
  • Non-Refundable.

    If you need to cancel your appointment and reschedule, please notify us by emailing with 24-hour notice.

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