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Partner with our Health Revival Coaches to achieve your health goals and optimize your quality of life.

Our coaches work closely with our medical team to help guide you on the most cost-effective path to better health through consistency and accountability.


This includes 2- 30 minute sessions.


You will be contacted by one of our coaches or a coaching coordinator shortly after placing your order. Make sure you include you email or phone number in your order.

1 Hour Consultation with Health Coach Jodi Laird

  • Our health revival coaches work closely with you and our medical team to develop a health revival plan that you can manage and will provide sustainable good health.

    2. Health optimization and recovery (care) plan

    3. 2- 30 minute Sessions with Jodi Laird, CHC

    4. Review of your 3 day food log to help optimize your diet.


    Our health coaches get you and KEEP you on a path to better health with:

    * Science-based and doctor-based suggestions

    * Easy swaps we all can do

    * Accountability to keep you on track in a hectic world

    * Your trusted partner in your health revival journey

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