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Important: Please send your date of birth to so we can enter your lab order as required by the lab company.


Health Revival Partners combines panels to give you the "Most Comprehensive" panel available.


-Brain Health Panel (70 Markers Including a Full Thyroid Panel)

-Complete Infectious Panel (include Western Lyme Blot)

-Spike Protein Markers (Including Clotting Markers-D-Dimer and Troponin T)

- virals like EBV, HSV, CMV

- CD4/CD8 looking at the activity of natural killer and helper cells' activity.


Your package includes

- 2 Hours with Dr. Lewis -  Lab interpretation and development of a personalized plan

- 2- 30 minutes consults with Health Coach

- Detailed Chronic Disease Risk Assessment (CDRA) 


12. Super Panel and Consultation


    *Please Note*- Consulting with Dr. Carter is subject to a $200 additional charge.


    • Biomarkers for cancer risk and Chronic Disease Risk Assessment (CDRA).
    • Includes screening for chronic bacterial infections known to disrupt the gut and have a known association with cancers.
    • Includes a 2-hr consult with a lab interpretation and intervention expert.
    • 1 -hr with a health coach to guide your health journey.
    • Summary explaining each biomarker
    • Chart that shows your values compared to optimal values
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