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Important: Please send your date of birth to so we can enter your lab order as required by the lab company.


Cancers are on the rise. The spike protein is tying up T cells - the critical part of immunity that fight against viruses and cancer.


In November we are offering a special program to:

  • Evaluate turbo cancer risks (risk scoring and biomarkers)

  • Ameliorate those risks (Consults)

  • Prevent Turbo Cancer

  • Improve your resilience by reducing infectious/viral burdens

  • Focus on your overall health - improve all biomarkers titrated to cancer and its risk.

Here is what the program includes:

-3 consults with Dr. Lewis - a total of 2 hours

-2 consults with Jodi Laird - a total of 1h to make sure you are on track.

-Complete Chronic Disease Risk Assessment

-Lab panel which includes:



  • T Lymphocyte test (cd4/8) - also, consider watching this video at the recommendation of Dr. Harshfield:

  • Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio - see the videos below

  • D dimer -

  • Viral panel -

  • Bacterial panel -,1.29%E2%80%933.16)%20for%20IgG.

  • CRP -

  • Iron

  • Ferritin

  • Ferritin to iron ratio (calculated) -

  • Comp chemistry

  • Creatine kinase -

  • LDH -,in%20monitoring%20treatment%20for%20cancer.

  • ESR - erythrocyte sedimentation rate -;2-I

  • Fibrinogen activity -

  • Fasting insulin, glucose, and HbA1C -

  • Lipid panel -

7. Turbo Cancer Panel and Consultation


    *Please Note*- Consulting with Dr. Carter is subject to a $200 additional charge.


    • Biomarkers for cancer risk and Chronic Disease Risk Assessment (CDRA).
    • Includes screening for chronic bacterial infections know to disrupt the gut and have a known association with cancers.
    • Includes a 2-hr consult with a lab interpretation expert.
    • 1 -hr with health Coach to guide your health journey.
    • Summary explaining each biomarker
    • Chart that shows your values compared to optimal values
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