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Our Mission


There is a problem. Health-Care has become Sick-Care and little is being done to educate and empower individuals to regain health and prevent disease. Much misinformation is found in the media and the food industry and drug companies are legally able to use marketing strategies that confuse and mislead the health consumer. Preventative measures in the medical community are non-existent, waiting until you are diseased to take action through procedures and prescription drugs that often lead to other conditions. Something must change. 

We believe that health is not a luxury, but a right. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and amazing improvements in health can happen if only we would supply our bodies with the basic building blocks for restoration and repair. Small changes add up to massive improvements in health and quality of life. 

Our Revival team of doctors, scientists, health coaches share a passion, dedication, and committed to changing lives by restoring health, one individual at a time. 

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Effective Population Health


Based on statistics by the NEJM Catalyst, 10 % of the population costs 70% of your dollars, 5% costs 60 %, and 1% cost 30%. Wellness programs tend to attract the health conscious and, well, the already "healthy". These programs are not effective on the sicker population, your high cost individuals. The reason for this fail is the lack of predictive power in the current "prevention" standard of care. 

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Dynamic Diagnostics

How were your diagnostic protocols developed and are they providing the information you need to make appropriate health decisions for yourself and for populations you manage? In the standard of care, the same blood panels are taken on essentially everyone in the population – from young to old, sick and healthy. There is merit to standardized tests but, since chronic disease is rampant in our society, it high time to rethink these tests. HRP has done just this – and they are complementary to our Chronic Disease Assessment™ and Chronic Disease Temperature™ by guiding us to an even more targeted understanding of disease – thus treatment.

How did we arrive at our tests and methods? Using the same approach any progressive organization uses to improve their business – through an iterative process of continuous improvement. It started in the Labs and Clinics of Harvard Medical School in the 1960s when our chief medical advisor, Dr. Kilmer McCully studied cases of children who died from heart disease in their adolescence. The next step also happened at Harvard when Dr. Clement Trempe made the connection between eye diseases he found as an Ophthalmologist and high rates of other diseases, early mortality and sudden death. Finally we performed a process of discovery that included the Nobel Prize winning approach of retro-analysis (by EJ Corey at Harvard). We used this approach as part of an extensive review of existing cases and married that data to a vast study of the medical literature housed in the National Library of Medicine (PubMed).  This led to the genesis of our suite of dynamic diagnostics that include inflammation, infection, eye pathology, brain health, Chronic Disease Temperature, and Chronic Disease Assessment. 

The power of ONE

Our bodies are incredibly resilient. Unfortunately, all too often we are made to believe that our bodies are "broken" and need the assistance of synthetic substances in order for us to live life to the fullest. We believe that the body has the power to heal itself as long as we 'tune in' and begin to give it the tools it needs for repair and recovery. Believe it or not, most often this CAN be done with the right dedication, NOT medication.

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The first step is to identify the areas in your life that are working against your bodies' attempt to heal and restore health. Next, to gain a better understanding of your body and how it functions. Identifying underlying causes of symptoms and devising a plan of action to chip away at the lifestyle risks that are holding you back from healing. Partner with a Health Revival Coach that will help you to listen to and meet the needs of your body, and watch HEALTH unfold. Revive!

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