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Biomarkers for JAB risk

This is part 1 of a multi-part presentation on biomarkers that elevate in COVID and the JAB

Here is an example of elevated markers post-Pfizer "vaccination."

Night fever and ELEVATED CRP AND ESR after Pfizer "vaccination."

Twelve days after the second Covid Pfizer vaccine, a 60 year-old man started developing night fever at 38°C - 38.5°C associated with fatigue. Blood test showed elevated CRP ( 130 mg/L) and SR (103 mm/h). Hospitalized, all other tests were negative. He's under Prednisolon (20 mg/ day) and feeling better. Could the Pfizer vaccine be the cause of this inflammatory syndrome? Note that the patient had moderate Covid-19 six months earlier.

Sincerely, Dr. Roland Nacouzi, Ophthalmology, France

Click below to see our video on biomarkers related to COVID and the "vaccine."


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