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Cancer & Vaccine Program

I am not your source for information about the dark side of the pandemic. My focus is on how we all need to put in the effort to be as healthy as possible so any next "infection" will not have a severe impact on our health. In this respect, we have control over pandemics. The figure below explains what I mean.

Here is what this figure explains:

  • Very harmful (virulent) pathogens are not likely to spread and create a pandemic because they generally cause very immediate symptoms. When this is the case either the individual dies or is easily identified and isolated. Ebola is a good example. When it arrived in the United States several years ago, only a handful of people died. I call infections that are very virulent "overt." This does not mean they are not inherently contagious, but that spread is just much less likely.

  • Dr. Ewald (book titled "Plague Time") posits that most chronic diseases are infectious but the virulence of these infections are low. Therefore, when you are exposed, you probably are not aware. They incubate extraordinarily slowly - sometimes over decades or a lifetime. Dr. Ewald is known for using the term "crypticity," meaning symptoms may emerge way into the future and it is difficult to associate an exposure decades ago and the symptoms today.

  • In the middle range between high lethality and cryptic infections are those that definitely cause harm, but not nearly as severe as something like Ebola. The issue with these infections is they may go unnoticed for days or weeks after exposure. It is during this time that there is a likelihood of transmission. infections of this strength are those that may most likely lead to an outbreak.

Many expect more "designer" pathogens to come our way. I call them "designer" because, as Dr. Ewald explained in his book, we have already been exposed to essentially everything natural, both good and bad. This is an educated guess but it makes perfect sense. I have done a deep dive into this in my book that will be published in the near future.

SARS-CoV-2 is a pathogen of "in the middle" virulence. For these types of pathogens, natural immunity is your 2nd best protection. Your best protection is to take constant and good care of your health and protect your barrier immunity in the event of an outbreak - or more frequently.

What does this have to do with Cancer? No one should be taking or injecting something of unknown composition or safety profile. Thus avoidance is the best approach. We are now seeing examples of harm caused by a rush to treat rather than a rush to prevent and heal.


I am working with a group who have developed a competitive health insurance product. I consider the team behind this program the most important people in healthcare because the payer is a big impediment to health and this group intends to both insure people's health while reducing their risk of claims. That may have been a bit of a cold way to put it - but ultimately, I am working with them to reduce their claims by re-establishing a "health" care, not a "sick" care system. Pray for us.


The Chief Operating Officer of the emerging health insurance company sent me the following. There are many such examples and I am sure many of you have taken note of what is happening post jab. Here is a link to the article titled,

"Renowned Oncologist Sends Urgent Letter Calling to End COVID Vaccine Program Immediately as Cancers and other Diseases Are Rapidly Progressing in ‘Boosted’ People."

It is my opinion, based on the figure above, a next pandemic is avoidable if we all take control of our health**

**Caveat: What if some clever microbiologist / virologist / infectious disease expert finds a way to put a very lethal bug in some type of "container" that is released in your body some time in the future? Ugh! However, I still think it will lack the contagiousness of something similar to SARS.


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