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Cataracts - A Sign of a Deeper Problem.

Cataracts Predict Infection and Early Death.....

Dr. Trempe, my mentor at Harvard, showed me that cataracts are actually a sign of a progressive cardiovascular problem, in many people.

The first comprehensive study on the eye cataract / early mortality connection was the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS). Since its publication, 15+ studies around the globe have proven the same relationship but no one is doing anything about it - sadly (except us and were are working to educate more people and providers).


Studies showing the connection between cataracts and early death:

This is NOT a trivial risk. Increased mortality for a cataract is similar to a diagnosis of breast cancer. Six year increase in mortality is about 11%. That is, you have a 1 in 10 chance of dying in 6 years from vascular complications if you are diagnosed with a cataract.

Here is the chart from the initial study for those of you who like data:


What Causes the Increase in Mortality?

This image tells us quite a bit. She was infected with Ebola and then developed cataracts.

Interpretation: The cataract is part of the immune response against infection.

Older people who develop cataracts most likely have a chronic infection like lyme disease, periodontal disease, or a very common but seldom detected organism called Chlamydia pneumoniae.