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Cholesterol 3.0 - Part 2

As explained in the last blog, I finally found someone who explains LDL, lipoproteins, and cholesterol extraordinarily well. We are in complete agreement. This is a case where his presentation is more technical compared to mine but EVERYONE should watch this video (link below).

Here is Dr. Nadir Ali's talk from low carb down under from 2020. I highly suggest you watch this one too. We need to reinforce these concepts because you will continue to hear JUST THE OPPOSITE from your regular doctors.


Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book titled, "Health Freedom Lost." I wrote an entire chapter on cholesterol. It may seem mundane because it is not new. However, lowering cholesterol is a cult in traditional medicine and your doctor will try to coerce you into that cult. I have to use strong language here because I hear this story at least daily.

“Knowledge is freedom and ignorance is slavery”

- Miles Davis

We have been enslaved by the cholesterol paradigm. Citizens are enslaved and doctors are coerced. Doctors are not to blame in many cases. They are required to follow the standard of care. A health care professional's deviation from the "standard of care" can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit. Also, doctors are rated based on their execution of the standard of care. Not prescribing will sometimes lead to bad scores.

However, doctors must take some risks to help their patients. How many of you with elevated "cholesterol" who have resisted statin (cholesterol) treatment, been chided by your doctor?

"Don't you want to protect your heart?"

"What are your children going to do when you are gone?"

These are actual statements by doctors to patients. This must stop in the face of new information on the actual value of statin drugs.

The benefit of all drugs is given in relative statistics. This information is meaningless to you. Here is a simple example to explain the difference.

This year, 3 people in America were killed by a lightning strike. Last year only two people died from lightning. Here are the statistics.

· Relative statistics: 2 died last year, 3 died this year therefore the relative increase is (3-2)/2) *100 = 50% increase.

Are you worried about being struck by lightning and dying? You should not be when you consider absolute statistics.

· Absolute statistics: There are 331,000,000 Americans as of today. Therefore, your absolute risk - your real risk - of dying from a lightning strike is (3-2)/331,000,000) *100 = 0.00000003%

Compare 50% (relative risk) to 0.00000003% (real risk also known as absolute risk). This shows how dramatically irrelevant relative statistics can be. If the true risk of a lightning strike that kills you is 50% annually, the entire population of the United States would be reduced to less than 1,000 people in just 20 years!

Never base any health or life decisions based on relative risk or relative statistics. They are meaningless.


Dr. Ali states that cholesterol is an antibiotic. This is true but clearly not well appreciated. Here is a paper, marked up by my mentor, Dr. Trempe, that explains the antibiotic action of cholesterol.


Please watch Dr. Ali's video....

Here is a link to my videos on LDL and cholesterol:


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Michael Lim
Michael Lim
28 de jul. de 2022

Very flawed. He proposes a carnivore diet because of flawed arguments based on tying together right ideas and wrong ideas.

Right ideas such as cholesterol being good.

And wrong ideas like our pancreas being incapable of handling huge glycemic loads. As if the pancreas were the only organ responsible for the absorption of glucose.

The truth of the matter is good blood sugar regulation is dependent on a complex chain of handouts of processes and because of that, it easily goes awry because it is easily affected by the aphorism that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. And because the medical system is filled with experts that are a dime a dozen, very few people reall…

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