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Josh Yoder - Freedom Flyers - Myocarditis

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Josh Yoder is the head of the "Freedom Flyers" and advocates against the vaccine in pilots and airline employees. This is a very important initiative, as Mr. Yoder documents many "near miss" incidents caused by the Jab and associated heart damage.

The pilots are a microcosm of society. Thus, Josh is helping us all obtain health freedom. Dr. Harshfield points out that T-cells, part of our immunity, are heavily engaged in detoxifying our bodies from the spike protein produced by the mRNA shot. In so doing, our bodies are made vulnerable to various diseases, with Cancer at the top of the list.

Consider donating to Josh Yoder's cause - because his cause is YOUR cause.

Donate at:


Here is a link to the video:


Here is the link to Dr. Thomas Levy's paper on the SUBSTANTIAL increase in myocarditis.



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