Life Risks Determine Health Span

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

We all understand that the risks we take in life may translate into health issues later in life. In this chart we show a STRONG correlation between life risks (Chronic Disease Assessment) and physiology (blood biomarkers - Chronic Disease Temperature)

Translation: Health Risks Lead to Early Mortality!

Our Chronic Disease Assessment is an important health revival tool. WHY? Because the report we create has 2 very important attributes:

Attribute 1: The results correspond closely with biomarker values.

Attribute 2: Your risks, highlighted in our report, answer the WHY of current and future poor health, thus constitutes an action plan.

I hope you appreciate how empowering this straight-forward chart is to you. Measure your risks, take actions to improve your risks - improve your Health Span.

Please consider watching this video that explains our Chronic Disease Assessment process.

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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