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Have you heard me say minerals are the MOST important nutrients of all and....

They are the hardest of all food constituents to absorb?

Also, I believe that hunger responses are much more due to your body's need for minerals (micronutrients) than calories. Just squeeze your love handles for proof that you really are NOT calorie deficient.


Mercola published an article today on minerals. I published a video titled, "The Genesis of Health," aka "What Minerals Do." Here are the links to both...




Chemistry and Biochemistry of minerals and enzymes:

Everything important for healthy longevity involves oxidation and reduction. It's our yin and yang of health - you cannot have one without the other.

Dr. Carter and I repeatedly emphasize that 4 mechanisms drive most disease. And the number one mechanism is all about repair and recovery. In order to repair and recover you need to build / rebuild tissue. From a chemistry perspective, you need to build chemical bonds - lots of them.

Building chemical bonds requires a lot of ENERGY. In the simple world of a chemistry lab, we use the proper "reagents" (raw materials), and we drive the reactions to make new molecules with heat and agitation. When we are clever, we find a catalyst that makes the reaction go faster and easier. It's all about lowering what is called the "activation energy."

Credit to Khan Academy

Enzymes are the catalysts of our bodies.


How do enzymes work? A picture of an enzyme might help...

This enzyme - this big "glob" of protein - exists for 2 purposes:

Purpose 1: To bind a specific molecule or set of molecules. We call this stereochemistry - where the big molecule has a landing strip of a specific size and shape.

Purpose 2: To carry out a chemical reaction - an oxidation/reduction or "electron transfer" reaction.

You might be asking, why are they so many essential nutrients and minerals?

Answer: Each one has 2 important features: