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Sound Energy Healing - Thyroid Focus

Energy is frequency. One of the famous pioneers who provided a foundational understanding of our world and universe is Max Planck. The energy equation is based on his work and is quite simple:

E (energy) = h (Planck's constant) times V (frequency)

Energy = Frequency

Here is the link to the video presentation on the topic of sound energy healing (it is not a lecture on Physics):


Dr. Amy Marshall is a Health Care practitioner, lecturer, author, researcher, teacher, and musician working in integrative medicine. She has been in the health field for over 20 years and treats patients remotely around the world.

She has worked with celebrities and professional athletes, and CEO's of many top corporations in America. Her focus is energy medicine and sound healing, as these modalities work upstream from the physical body. Supporting the physical body is necessary at times, however.

Using these modalities not only to work with patients individually to help heal and to see their lives improve, but through her classes online, she hopes to empower mothers, fathers, children, spouses, CEOs, to help heal those they love and work with. "It is time for me empower anyone who desires, with the skills needed to improve intuition, health and restore the earth and help raise the conciseness of earth's inhabitants.


Weekly Webinar Links:

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Stay Well

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