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Surprising Update On Cancer.

I use to work in the cancer space but this area of medicine is "locked down." That fact becomes pretty clear from this article by a high level MD at Columbia.

The big highlight of her essay is that cancer rates have declined by coincide with reduction in smoking rates. The drugs and treatments are substantially ineffective, in most cases - again, read the article for context.

Our team does a very impactful yet simple screening for cancer that creates actionable steps. This is validated based on a NY Times article that discusses how cancer IS IN YOUR CONTROL:

Here is a link to a talk I presented over a dozen times in the early 2010s... The title: Is Cancer an Infectious Disease?

If you are interested in determining your risk for cancer in the future OR your risk of dying versus surviving, consider taking this risk assessment and ordering our Chronic Disease Temperature blood tests. Each come with a consult that will dive into your risks and solutions to overcome these risks and also which risks to avoid - in general.


Stay Well

Thomas J. Lewis, Ph.D.

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