The 3rd Most Abundant Mineral in Our Body.....

That important mineral is sulfur. Essentially every biological process in our bodies, both beneficial and detrimental involves "RedOx." Simply put, one thing gets "Oxidized" while the other thing gets "Reduced."

Antioxidants simple "reduce" or prevent the oxidation of something else. The proper scientific term for and antioxidant is a "reducing agent."

Sulfur is a largely ignored mineral except by Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT where she holds the title of Senior Researcher which is equivalent to being a Full Professor.

“Sulfate deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency you’ve never heard of,” says MIT Senior Research Scientist Stephanie Seneff, PhD, at the recent Clinical and Scientific Insights (CASI) conference in San Francisco.

Seneff believes that sulfate deficiency is a major culprit behind most modern chronic diseases and health conditions. But it is one that is largely overlooked.

Sulfate, comprised of the elements sulfur and oxygen is the fourth most abundant anion in our blood. It exists throughout the body in a variety of forms, filling numerous biological functions. A critical component of extracellular matrix proteins, it aids in the detoxification of drugs, food additives, and toxic metals. It also prevents blood from coagulating during transit through capillaries.