2021 - Promise of Hope!

Thank you all for being part of the Health Revival team. Yes, 2020 presented challenges. However, you have control over you.

Let's look on the bright side of 2020. After all, we often learn more from mistakes than from successes.

The major "success" is that more people have become aware of their health. Society has created great fear and panic over what could happen if we are infected. I don't intend to belittle the potential consequences of getting the virus and both myself and Dr. Carter have lost good friends and colleagues to the disease.

Dr Carter constantly says that there is almost no need for anyone to die from COVID. We have written about how not to die young or from the virus in several blogs of the past months. What is your best protection? You and your good health. Comorbidities increase the risk of death by 95%. Thus, eliminating comorbidities will reduce your risk by 95%. That's a good deal considering the 2019/20 flu vaccine was only 45% effective (CDC). We still don't have a good definition on how effective it was at saving lives. That is not the endpoint discussed by the CDC.

In 2021 my team has several goals for you.

  • Become more resilient toward the current pandemic

  • Become more resilient towards the next pandemic

  • Better understand the "story" of your health. That is, what health really is and what can impact your health - at the root cause